Yellow Balau

Yellow Balau is the most popular hardwood used to make garden furniture. Yellow Balau has always been famous for its comfort and durability. Density: 600 – 700 kgs/cbm at 12% M Also known as Aek, Ak, Balao, Takhian-samphon, Teng and Rang (Thailand); Anggelam, Balau, Bangkirai and Dammar laut  (Indonesia); Gisok, Malayakal and Yakal (Philippines); Mai chik khok […]

White Teak

Gmelina arborea locally known as Gamhar. Gmelina arborea tree attains moderate to large height up to 30 m with girth of 1.2 to 4.5 m with a clear bole of 9-15 m. It has a smooth whitish grey (ashy) corky bark, warty with lenticular tubercles exfoliating in regular patches when old. Gmelina arborea wood is pale […]


Teak (Tectona), is a genus of tropicalhardwoodtrees in the family Lamiaceae, native to the south and southeast of Asia, and is commonly found as a component of monsoonforest vegetation. They are large trees, growing to 30-40 m tall, deciduous in the dry season.

Sugar Gum

Durability: Class 1 – Highly resistant to decay when fully exposed to the weather, clear of the ground and well drained with free air circulation.


Common names Dillenia, Katmon, Masurina, Poplea, San, San na, Simpoh, Simpur, Thabyu Regions of Distribution Oceania and S.E. Asia Countries of Distribution Australia, China, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea Weight: 737 kgs. per cu. metre   Strength Group: C General Description: Sapwood is not well defined. Heartwood is red-brown or purple-brown. The surface when freshly planed is fairly lustrous and radial […]


Common names: Albizzia, Bae, Batai, Celon sau, Ceylon sau, Jeungjing, Kayu machis, Molaccana-koroi, Molucca, Molucca albizzia, Moluccan sau, Moluccana koroi, Puah, Rare, Ratamara, Seka, Selawaku, Selawaku merah, Selawoku, Sengon laut,

Red Balau

The timber is a Heavy Hardwood with a density of 800-880 kg/m3 air dry. The timber is moderately durable under exposed conditions. Tên gọi khác: Chò Chai The Standard Malaysian Name for the heavy, red to red-brown timbers of the genus Shorea(Dipterocarpaceae). Vernacular names applied are too many to be listed here except for the more common ones, viz. balau laut […]

Pơ mu

Tên khoa học khác: Fokienia hodginsii (Dunn) A. Henry et Thomas, 1911 Tên gọi khác: Hòng he ; Mây long lanh; Mây vac Cây gỗ to, có tán hình tháp, thường xanh, cao 25 -30 m hay hơn, đường kính thân tới hơn 1m. Thân thẳng, không có bạnh gốc. Vỏ thân màu xám nâu, bong […]


The timber is a Light Hardwood with a density of 210-500 kg/m3 air dry. Tên gọi khác: Mò Cua (N7) The Standard Malaysian Name for the timber of Alstonia spp. (Apocynaceae). Vernacular names applied include mergalang (Sarawak), pelai (Sarawak), pulai (Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak) with various epithets and sayongan (Sabah). Major species include A. angustifolia, A. angustiloba, A. macrophylla, A. pneumatophora, A. scholaris and A. spatulata. The sapwood is […]


The timber is a Light Hardwood with a density of 400-1,075 kg/m3 air dry. Nyatoh shows variable natural durability in accordance to the species. The majority of the species would fall into the moderately durable class but there are species that are non-durable as well as those which are durable. The Standard Malaysian Name for the light and […]


The timber is a Light Hardwood with a density of 515-735 kg/m3 air dry. The timber is classified as moderately durable under exposed conditions. It is very susceptible to fungal attacks. Tên gọi khác: Vên Vên The Standard Malaysian Name for the timber ofAnisoptera spp. (Dipterocarpaceae). The common vernacular names applied includekijal (Terengganu), loh (Pahang), medang sawa (Peninsular Malaysia), mersawa(Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak) with various epithets, pengiran (Sabah) […]