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Ngươi liên hệ: Zariq Jamil – CEO
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Điện thoại: 92-3334243410

Dear Mr. Diem / Mr. Quang,

we have got your contact information from your website and see that you are supplying Pine / Euclyptus wood chips. Please note our inquiry as under and send us a firm offer today.

We require 20,000 BDMT of Pine wood chips for paper manufacturing for our facility in China.

Specs required are as under:

Chips will consist of wood from pine woodchip or Euclyptus trees.


– A maximum of 5% of chips shall be in excess of 28.6mm in length.
– A minimum of 90% of chips shall be between 4.8mm and 28.6mm.
– A minimum of 55% of chips shall be between 9.5mm and 22.2mm.
– A maximum of 4% of chips shall be less than 4.8mm in length.
– Chips will contain maximum 1.0% bark and rot and nil charcoal.

Please quote CIF DALIAN PORT, China including specs, SGS analysis reports.

Shipment: Prompt
Payment: LC at Sight.

please rvt asap

Zariq jamil


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