Canadian softwood lumber

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We are Kermode Forest Products Ltd., a Canadian softwood lumber custom cutter and remanufacturer based in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. We handle species including Spruce, Hemlock and Yellow Cedar, we can also do Western Red Cedar& Douglas Fir from low end to high end. Our lumber is cut from the logs we select that can best suit our customers’ needs.

Vietnam has been on our radar for a while, we just decided that it’s time to enter the market, aiming to bring in the best quality lumber out of Canada. We have existing clients in countries like Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea. Below are some pictures of our products, they can be used for indoor furniture like chairs, tables, beds etc., while species like Yellow Cedar and Western Red Cedar can be used outdoor.

What do we want from you? ——Just simply stay in touch with us, and keep us on your radar as well if there are any opportunities for us to work together and do some business. Make sure to check out our website:

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

(The pictures from left to right are: Yellow Cedar, Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Wood Logs. )

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