Dalbergia cochinchinensis

Other names: Southern rosewood

Precious wood, bright red color, fine grain, crispy, machined, smooth cut surface after dry without chipping is also less deformed, not termite, difficult item longitudinal section with beautiful, very hard fuchsia. The roots of the wood are dark yellow, and the long-life pieces will be used to shine like horns.

Big timber trees, evergreen (rarely deciduous), 25 – 30m high, diameter up to 0.6m, or more. The shell is yellow brown, vertical buttons, sometimes large pieces. Single odd hairy leaves once, 12 – 23cm long, carrying 5-9 oval-shaped leaflets, heads and prison bases, smooth, skin; The end leaflets are usually the largest (6cm long, 2.5 – 3cm wide), the average leaflets are 3.5 – 5cm wide by 2.2 – 2.5 cm long on average.

Inflorescence of axillary axillary shape, 7 – 15cm long, sparse. White flowers with radio stations, cut 5 teeth, smooth. Petals have straight nails. Second 9 into 2 bundles (5 second and 4 second); fruits are very thin, oblong, strong root, sharp peak, 5 – 6cm long, 1 – 1.1cm wide, usually contain 1, rarely 2 seeds.