Dialium cochinchinensis

The wood is very good, reddish brown, smooth, flexible, resistant to friction and water resistance, less twisting and not termite-resistant. Used in long-term construction, closing machine platforms, car bodies, sleepers and crankshaft presses. Freshly eaten fruits or alcohol soaked as a tonic. Flowers are a good source of honey for bees. Big, evergreen trees with […]

Madhuca elengii

Dark red, very hard and precious wood, density 0,810. Horizontal pull force of 25kg / cm2, vertical compression of 480kg / cm2, buckling 1437kg / cm2, 0.54 shrinkage coefficient, used in construction of houses, high-end furniture. Evergreen tree, 20m high, 50cm diameter. The brown brown outer shell cracks into a nearly rectangular piece, the flesh […]

Dalbergia nigrescens

Other names: Black rosewood, Quanh quach, Cham trac, Cham black Big timber trees 10-20cm taller or more, white gray shells, smelling. Leaves are 10-15cm long; leaves with oval or reverse oval, 2-2.5cm long, 1.5cm wide, with sparse hairs on the underside. Flowers 5-8cm long; The station has smooth hair, white petals, 9mm long. Black black, […]

Dalbergia cochinchinensis

Other names: Southern rosewood Precious wood, bright red color, fine grain, crispy, machined, smooth cut surface after dry without chipping is also less deformed, not termite, difficult item longitudinal section with beautiful, very hard fuchsia. The roots of the wood are dark yellow, and the long-life pieces will be used to shine like horns. Big […]

Acacia Mangium

Acacia mangium (scientific name: Acacia mangium), another name is big, colloid, acacia a tree of the subfamily Virgin (Mimosoideae). Acacia mangium is a large tree, the height can reach 30 m. Diameter can reach to 120-150cm. In Vietnam, Acacia mangium is planted with the main purpose of improving the ecological environment and producing small timber, […]